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At Higher Ground our aim is to provide life changing opportunities through holiday adventures for people with disabilities.  We do this through week-long (and weekend) programmes, each focusing on a different disability. 

Team work at the obstacle course

On our schedule are programmes for:  adults who have an acquired brain injury; adults who are blind or partially sighted; children who have an intellectual impairment; children who are blind or partially sighted; children of Cheshire Homes and a mid year Mini programme for adults who have an acquired brain injury.  We are always looking at adding new programmes to our schedule so keep an eye on our notices.

We aim to bring people together from different schools/organisations/parts of the country so that new and interesting friendships can be formed as well as a natural forum where people can discuss life and issues pertaining to their disability. 

Most of all, our programmes are about fun.  It is about meeting new people, taking part in new adventures, relaxing and having a break from the usual routine.  It is about challenges, sharing experiences and creating a can-do attitude. 

Higher Ground is a place you leave with tears, planning to keep in touch with new friends and clearing the calendar so you can attend again next year.  It is a place where memories are made. Game Show Evening

You can't explain the atmosphere around the campfire at night unless you've been there and you can't explain a s'more unless you've tasted one!  You can't explain how quickly you make new friends at Higher Ground and you can't explain how great it is to hike through the sugar cane chatting to your new friends.  You can't explain how you get so enthusiastic for Olympics Day and you certainly can't explain why a game of Monopoly can last 5 hours.  You can't explain why you love a Higher Ground holiday adventure so much, and no-one who hasn't been will understand.  What anyone who has been on one of our programmes can tell you is that it is a life changing, exciting experience that you can't miss out on!

Fun, energetic volunteers join us on each programme to ensure everyone has a great time.  They are also available should participants need assistance in activities of daily living. 

Higher Ground is an NPO registered with the Department of Social Development (NPO 038 932).  We are also a PBO, registered with SARS. 


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